[10.3.2023] Back to www.uni-due.de

Next Monday (13 March 2023) in the course of the morning, the website, which can be reached under the address www.uni-due.de, will be switched back to the regular UDE internet presence.

ZinetroN – stock.adobe.com

At the same time, a redirect from www.uni-due.org to www.uni-due.de will be set up.

The website www.uni-due.org will no longer be accessible from outside the university network.

The interim website will remain accessible from the UDE internal network until further notice, so that you can access information stored there. This means that you can transfer content created since the end of November to other locations.

If you experience problems with your Imperia website after the transition, please report them to: imperia@uni-due.de.

Information on the further reconstruction after the cyberattack will be available in future via the University’s intranet – or directly via: https://reboot.uni-due.online

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