[13.7.2023] Re-entry into VPN with additional security measure

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With the relaunch of VPN (Virtual Private Network), digital work will become more convenient for all university members from 20 July 2023: mobile access to the university’s networks, and thus to internal data and services, will then be possible again. This includes administrative systems as well as network drives with institution-related data or personal folders. As a prerequisite for VPN access to the university’s IT systems, the UDE is simultaneously introducing two-factor authentication (2FA).

Information for employees of the central administration
VPN / 2FA: https://reboot.uni-due.online/vpn-und-2fa-in-der-zentralen-verwaltung

Information for all other university employees
VPN: https://www.uni-due.de/zim/services/internetzugang/forcepoint-windows.php
2FA: https://www.uni-due.de/zim/it-sicherheit/2fa.php

The solution for access to the virtual desktops for students is still being worked on.