[15.2.2023] Electronic lab books are available again

As of 14.2.2023 the electronic lab books of the University of Duisburg-Essen are available again without any restrictions. Access is possible from the internal network as well as from the internet.

J Bettencourt/peopleimages.com – stock.adobe.com

There are a total of eight instances, which can be accessed at the known addresses.

The names of the lab books are:

eLabFTW for Biology & Chemistry

eLabFTW for Physics

eLabFTW for Medicine

eLabFTW for the SFB1242

eLabFTW for the SFB/TRR 196

eLabFTW for the CRC/TRR 270

eLabFTW for the CRC/TR 296

eLabFTW for teaching

Users can log in with their known user data and read and edit the lab books as usual. The lab books could be restored to the state they were in before the cyber attack on the university.