[14.2.2023] Identity Management and Selfcare Functions Launched

As of now, the Selfcare Portal of the Centre for Information and Media Services (ZIM) is once again available to university members. At the same time, the UDE’s Identity Management (IDM) is also going live.

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Identity management as an important step

Among other things, identity management defines the authorisations that regulate access to systems and data. It manages user accounts, passwords and other identity features.

The current step plays a decisive role in dealing with the consequences of the cyberattack: for example, the operation of the IDM is fundamental for the further preparations to enable users at the UDE to access data stored on the university’s file servers as soon as possible.

With the activation, the user administration of the ZIM also has further administration options. For example, new authorisations can be set. The import of rights for students newly enrolled since 27 November 2022 or employees newly hired since then is also in preparation. The administration of function identifiers should also be available again soon.

Self-administering profiles again

The UDE Selfcare Portal can be reached at https://selfcare.uni-due.de: It can be accessed both from the internal university network and externally. You can log in using your university ID and password.

The following can be done there

– change your personal password and

– the storage of an external e-mail address (serves as a connection for further functions in the future).

Above all, however, the availability of the self-care portal is the prerequisite for the start-up of further services.


Please note: The initial password reset itself must still be carried out via the designated contact points, which are currently the terminals near the e-Points (during the opening hours of the libraries) or the e-Points themselves. Also, a current password cannot be reset to the form used before the cyberattack.