[27.2.2023] File servers usable again

Another big step: After the Active Directory service (AD) and the university’s digital identity management have been restored, the UDE file servers are now available again (27 February). However, access is initially only possible from the internal university network.

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After extensive investigations, the data stored in the network can be used safely. (Affected persons or departments have already been informed about encrypted files found in the directories). Data backup continues to be carried out by ZIM. It is not necessary to create your own copies.

In order to increase protection in the future, a central anti-virus scanner solution was implemented before the restart. Files are now automatically scanned for malware the first time they are accessed. Further scans are carried out each time the file in question is changed. Depending on the workload, there may be short delays.

The following file servers can be used again:

– fs-1.uni-due.de
– fs-2.uni-due.de
– fs-4.uni-due.de
– fs-7.uni-due.de
– fs-8.uni-due.de
– fs-9.uni-due.com
– fs-10.uni-due.com
– clausen.uni-due.de

The file servers fs-3.uni-due.de and fs-6.uni-due.de will be made available at a later date.

Instructions for connecting the drives



Please also note the following information:

All users must log in once to the Selfcare Portal (selfcare.uni-due.de) in order to synchronise the password for access to the file servers.

After logging in to the Selfcare portal for the first time or changing the password for the last time, it can take up to 15 minutes for the transfer to the file server to take place.

If access is not possible in individual cases, the recommendation is to change the password again in the Selfcare Portal and wait again. If access problems persist, please contact the ZIM Hotline.

All network drives must be reconnected. Please note the complete name of the network drive before disconnecting it.

The domain „win.uni-due.de“ no longer exists. In future, please use the scheme unikennung@uni-due.de as the user name for logging in and the same naming scheme for the server name (such as fs-4.uni-due.de).