[7.12.2022] Current status on the systems for studying & teaching

The Moodle learning management system is available within the UDE network. However, not all learning activities can currently be used, such as Etherpad.

Videos that were made available over Opencast and Moodle can be viewed again as usual within the UDE network. New videos cannot currently be uploaded.

The projectors installed in the lecture halls and seminar rooms can be used.

It is possible to record lectures but the recordings can only be saved locally at the moment. In order to make further use of these, they must first be transferred to other systems, for example by using a USB stick.

Unfortunately, the PCs for teaching staff in the lecture halls cannot currently be used.

Video conferences can be carried out with BigBlueButton within the UDE network. Outside of UDE, this can be done over Zoom; the relevant accounts for setting up new conferences can be generated by the ZIM upon request.