[30.11.2022] Dealing with PCs, laptops, ZOOM, VPN and more

How do I deal with workstation computers/laptops/cell phones?

Recommendation for action: Do not use workstations/laptops in LAN and WLAN at the same time.

The danger for the IT infrastructure of the UDE (after consultation with external experts) comes from devices that are simultaneously connected to the university network via LAN cable (also docking station) and to the internet via WLAN (e.g. via tethering / mobile phone / a mobile hotspot). This danger does not exist outside the UDE. There is also no danger in offline operation. There is also no danger when using only a mobile phone data connection and from the home WLAN. The device must not then be connected to a docking station that is connected to the LAN (network).

Can I log in via VPN? When will this be possible again?

Logging in via VPN is not possible. We are checking when this solution will be available again. The UDE is currently disconnected from the network.

Can I use ZOOM as a video conferencing tool?

ZOOM can still be used outside the UDE network. However, all functions that require authentication are not available. Within the UDE network, it is not possible to use ZOOM because connections to the internet from the UDE network are not possible.

Can I use a USB stick to pull data from my service laptop?

Yes, it is possible for data backup. Please be careful which data you copy. Blind copying of an entire folder is not recommended. Data exchange via USB stick is not recommended.

May I use printers/beamers?

Yes, printers and beamers may be used.

Can applications licensed by the UDE (e.g. SPSS, Citavi) be used by students in the UDE WLAN, e.g. for exercises?

Yes, licensed applications can still be used within the UDE network. Applications that require a connection to an external licence server are not available, as connections to the internet from the UDE network are not possible.

How can I communicate with my students?

Communication via Moodle is possible within the UDE network. However, the platform is not accessible from the external network.