[2.3.2023] Imperia CMS / Webserver – what’s next?

Dear editors,

as of tomorrow morning (3 March) Imperia will be available again for editing central University websites. The operation of the editorial system – with the data stock from the day before the attack – can be resumed.

Initially, a 10-day period is planned during which you can test, revise and initially release your websites internally.

The address of the Imperia server will continue to be https://imperia.uni-due.de. For security reasons, editorial access will initially only be possible from the campus.

The name of the internal test web server is https://www-restart.uni-due.de.

In the course of 13.3., the web server with the data from the CMS will again be accessible worldwide under the name https://www.uni-due.de.

A few notes in advance:

– It is possible that not all subsystems (e.g. LSF, DUEPublico) are available yet. These will be integrated in the next few days.

– Information from the interim web server (www.uni-due.org) must be transferred manually to the Imperia server.

– If absolute links to the server www.uni-due.de are used in web pages, they will only be accessible after the change.

– Initially, no content from user directories will be delivered via the server www.uni-due.de.

– Further information and notes will be published on https://info.zim.uni-due.de/ in the „Staff“ section.

The Imperia team can be reached again at imperia@uni-due.de.

Best regards,

the Imperia Team