[7.7.2023] OpenTouch server is available again

As the last component of the telephone system, the OpenTouch server is available again after the cyber attack on the UDE.

Bacho Foto – stock.adobe.com

OpenTouch Conversation is the computer telephony integration (CTI) solution from Alcatel. The tool enables easy operation of the office telephone via the computer. One’s own telephone number can be forwarded there – and calls can be initiated.

To use OpenTouch again, the configuration of the OpenTouch client must be changed. The installation and configuration instructions, as well as information on how to re-apply for the service, can be found at: https://www.uni-due.de/zim/tk-services/opentouch.php.

The Center for Information and Media Services (ZIM) recommends reinstalling the software as not all versions update automatically. For employees of the administration, the software is provided centrally. All other employees can find it at the link above.