[30.1.2023] Partial return to normality for emailing

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On 1 February, the ZIM is to replace the emergency email server with the original Linux mailbox email server.

For users who used a mailbox on the Linux mailbox server before the cyberattack – i.e. mainly students – this means:

  • After the changeover, you will be able to access all your previous (‘old’) emails – including emails received on the emergency server in the meantime.
  • The amount of storage/storage restriction (quota) still applies.
  • All filter and forwarding rules in place before the attack are back in effect.
  • New rules and forwarding can be set up and existing ones can be modified.

For users who used a mailbox on Exchange servers before the cyberattack – i.e. mainly staff – the following applies:

  • You can unfortunately still only access emails received on the emergency server. Your old emails from the previous Exchange mailboxes are not yet available.
  • Your quota may still have to be adjusted. In this case, please contact: postmaster@uni-due.de.
  • Filter rules and forwarding are not back in effect, but you can set up new rules and forwarding.

For the changeover, the emergency email server will need to be taken out of service for approximately four hours starting at 3pm. (No emails will be lost during the downtime. New incoming messages will be cached). After the changeover, you do not need to change anything in your email configuration.

Please note:

Due to the synchronisation of the data, with POP access older emails in your inbox may potentially be classified as already read, so they will not be downloaded. In such cases, please log in via webmail once and check your inbox there.

System administrators may have to adjust IP addresses within their own firewall (old:; new:,