[22.12.2022] Rebuilding after the cyberattack

University Library online again:

‘We are aiming to reach a normal state again by the summer semester’, says Jens Andreas Meinen, UDE’s Chancellor. Following the large-scale cyberattack, the phones are now working again and digital media can also be accessed through the libraries – even remotely from off campus. And yet: ‘It is a marathon, not a sprint’, Jens Andreas Meinen underlines. The attacks on the web server of the provisional uni-due.org website, on the other hand, are not affecting the restoration of systems at all.

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At the start of the week, essential services were available again at UDE: it is now possible to access digital media and search databases through the University Library using a VPN connection, e.g. from home. ‘This is a hugely important step for both our researchers and students’, the Chancellor explains.

Furthermore, the telephones are working again, the search function for individuals and rooms is there to facilitate internal organisation, the course catalogue can be viewed and the administration processes for students and examinations are about to resume.

It will be possible to reach the Examinations Office by phone and its staff will be able to issue certificates from the campus management system on campus from 6 January.

UDE is currently requesting that all students and staff reset their passwords. This step is a necessary prerequisite for subsequently putting internal services back into operation.

Meanwhile, the web server of the provisional uni-due.org website is still being attacked from the outside. Therefore, the website has repeatedly been taken offline temporarily since last week. ‘We would like to explicitly point out that this is not another hack’, says Professor Pedro José Marrón, Vice-Rector for Transfer, Innovation and Digitalisation. ‘These are annoying disruptions, but they do not have any impact on UDE’s internal systems or servers. The restoration activities are not affected by this at all.’

Author: Birte Vierjahn, phone: +49 203 37 9 2427, birte.vierjahn@uni-due.de