[29.12.2022] Second phase password reset

Use the digital services of the UDE that are now available again? To do this, it is essential to set up a new password for both personal university identifiers and those linked to functions.

UDE/Arne Rensing

University members who have not yet carried out this password reset can now do so in the second phase of the university-wide implementation.

In the next few days, stationary computers released in the UDE network will be made available for this purpose: In the vicinity of the ePoints and during the opening hours of the libraries. Until then, the implementation will take place directly at the ePoints (between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m.).

However, it remains the same: the password change must be made on site and, above all, in person. Powers of attorney for other persons are not accepted. Anyone who no longer knows their password must authenticate themselves with an official identity document (in the case of identity documents with non-Latin writing systems, also with a confirmation of registration or residence permit).