[3.2.2023] Step by step back into the web

The restoration of the university’s digital infrastructure is progressing. The implementation of the most important security measures will soon be completed. Thus, step by step, further functions will become usable. Now it is the turn of the so-called client networks to be secured. Among other things, the workstation computers at the UDE are connected through them.

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What does this mean?

Staff and students will have internet access in the converted networks and buildings without having to rely on additional hotspots.

How long will it take?

Over the next week, the Centre for Information and Media Services will begin to put all of the university’s networks under the protection of a new firewall that monitors data traffic between internal university systems and the external network. This changeover must be carried out one at a time. Depending on the amount of work involved, it is possible that the last networks will not be moved until the end of February.

In what order will the networks be processed?

The order depends on the size of the networks, i.e. on the number of computers connected in each of them. This is to ensure that the largest possible number of clients is covered as quickly as possible.

Do changes have to be made to the terminals?

Adjustments to the configuration of the end devices are not necessary. However, the urgent recommendation remains to regularly check computers with an up-to-date antivirus programme and to be careful when dealing with links in e-mails and on websites. The danger of phishing attempts can be easily avoided with conscious behaviour.