[27.12.2022] Update on e-mail operation: Setting up …@uni-due.de Mail

University members who changed their password as part of the ongoing password reset can now receive and send emails via their …@uni-due.de- and/or their …@stud.uni-due.de-Adressen: Both inside and outside the UDE network. (E-mails for university members without a renewed password will not be accepted. Senders will be notified of this).

If you want to use your previous address again, please proceed as follows:

Be sure to back up any existing emails before connecting to the new server. You can find instructions on how to do this at: https://info.zim.uni-due.de/.

(This server is currently only accessible on the UDEnet).

Exchange users will need to reconfigure their email client after the backup. How to do this:


    Mailbox users, i.e. all students, only need to enter their new password in the previous configuration.

    Important information

    The old e-mail data of the mailbox server is not yet available. A restore will take place soon.

    The extent to which old e-mail data from the Exchange server can be restored is still being checked.

    All e-mails sent to the uni-due.de addresses since the attack could not be accepted and are therefore not available. Please contact the senders if necessary and ask them to send the emails again.

    All filter rules, vacations and forwardings created via SIEVE are currently not available. After a restore, they will automatically be activated again.

    Filter rules from the Exchange server cannot be transferred to the SIEVE format and are lost.

    Independent administration of personal e-mail settings is currently not possible because the Selfcare Portal and IDM are not available. For example, spam protection settings cannot be changed.

    Configuration instructions for accessing the e-mail server for experienced users.

    Detailed instructions can be found at https://info.zim.uni-due.de/ (The server is currently only accessible on the UDEnet).

    For receiving e-mails:

    Hostname: mailbox.uni-due.de or mailbox.uni-duisburg-essen.de

    via IMAP:

    Port 143 with STARTTLS Port 993 with SSL

    via POP:

    Port 110 with STARTTLS
    Port 995 with SSL

    To send an e-mail:

    Hostname: mailout.uni-due.de or mailout.uni-duisburg-essen.de
    Port 25 with STARTTLS (undesirable, better port 587)
    Port 587 with STARTTLS
    Port 465 with SSL